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 [J-movie] KOIZORA --- Sky of Love (2007)

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PostSubject: [J-movie] KOIZORA --- Sky of Love (2007)   Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:50 pm

KOIZORA --- Sky of Love

Cast :
Yui Aragaki - Mika
Haruma Miura - Hiro
Yuko Asano - Mika's mother
Yosuke Asari - Nozomu
Keisuke Koide - Yu
Asami Usuda - Saki
Yumi Asou
Erina Matsui
Ryuji Yamamoto

Summary : “Koizora” is a love story that was originally published on the popular cell phone site Mahou no iRando. It was authored by new writer Mika, and is based on her own experiences. The story was released in book form last October, selling more than a million copies in its first month. The story revolves around Mika (named after the author), who falls in love with her classmate, Hiro, upon entering high school. But over the course of the novel, she ends up suffering through many trials, such as rape, abortion, and betrayal. But through it all proving that love conquers all, and this true love story remains unchanged from the movie. Not only does it simply portray the first love of the highschoolers, it shows the warmth from the family, the importance of life, the bonds with friends, and the common happenings of teens, and through it all Mika and Hiro's love story gets unwound.

"It's a sad Romance but it was a really good movie to watch especially if you and your lucky special someone watched it together. It made many people tear up, but it's also shows that Love conquered all the sadness and pain that we suffered. Hmm, it is also teaches us many important points of LIFE. Highly recommended." (My rating for this movie = 9/10) ^^~

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[J-movie] KOIZORA --- Sky of Love (2007)
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