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 [J-Movie] Mushishi (Live Action)

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PostSubject: [J-Movie] Mushishi (Live Action)   Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:21 am

Mushishi (Live Action)

Cast :
Odagiri Joe - Ginko
Esumi Makiko - Nui
AoiYu - Tanyuu
Omori Nao - Kourou

Summary : Ginko is a "Bugmaster", who roams the country curing people of Mushi, mystical creatures that cause sickness in human beings. Mushi, come in many species and do not have any set form; nor are they evil, as their supernatural powers stem from nature, and the resultant ills are more the symptoms of imbalance between Mushi and humans. Nevertheless, Mushi can cause great harm to people, and Ginko is both gifted and cursed with the ability to find them. His travels bring him to a village of deafs, a little girl with horns, and longtime friend Tanyuu, whose Mushi is too strong to rid. As Ginko struggles to cure Tanyuu, the Mushi that lies deep within him is awakened.

" A great fantasy movie. Hehe.. Just finished watching couple days ago.. Mushishi has a dense storyline that requires your full attention.. Add in the fact that you're reading subtitles, as well as trying to absorb an unusual type of mythology and storytelling, and it makes this a film not for everyone. But if you like Japanese cinema, fantasy storytelling, and interesting characters, you'll love this film.. Highly recommended!" (My rating for this movie = 8.5/10) ^^~

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[J-Movie] Mushishi (Live Action)
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